Thursday, June 30, 2011

The BIG Giveaway: Update #4

Okay. This will be the last update for the BIG giveaway before the official lucky draw list announcement later on midnight or early Friday morning, on the first July.

This is the last call to everyone who loves to join this giveaway. You still have approximately 15 hours left (from the time this post was published) to participate before it ends by midnight today. If you are one who join at the last hour, please check your entry carefully to avoid incomplete entry which lead you to disqualified.

The rest who did joined but not listed or earned point not much as you suppose to get, please check back my respond on your comment.

As for now at 4.45am on 30th June 2011, the giveaway already has 34 participants with total of 61 entries. Below is the recent list for the lucky draw.

vanderRui (1 point)
ct syuhada (2 points)
shinshin (2 points)
syu (1 point)
Solehah Muhammad (3 points)
Syazwana Arzami (1 point)
Syai razali (1 point)
Dibah Shokri (2 points)
Syufa (3 points)
aNiM (2 points)
nanakimie (1 point)
IntaNBerliaN (2 points)
nona (2 points)
Eykaa (3 points)
izan ishak (3 points)
Cik Rose Cute (1 point)
Fadzillah Kamarudin (1 point)
nana (2 point)
ita (2 point)
shera (2 points)
cik purple (2 points)
lyafrina (2 points)
iyan shazlind (1 point)
hudaa(2 points)
~azatie~ (1 point)
fara anak abah (1 point)
cik meifaa (1 point)
cekodok (1 point)
Gnie SimplyStyle (1 point)
Nea flerida (3 points)
PinkUmmi (1 point)
tiefazatie (3 points)
mama zharfan (2 points)
aurora xarielle (3 points)

P/s: Syukran to 99 blog followers! One more to perfect 100.. *smile*

P/p/s: If I did any mistake with the points or anything related to the list, please notify me. Pardon me, it's 5 am as am writing this. I'm drowsing. *yawn*

Lots of loves,

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