Wednesday, June 22, 2011

He's No Longer A Bachelor!

My friend approached me.
"Diya, can you do a tri-shutter card with... only a photo?"
Well, since my first customer loaded me with lots of photos to use, I was kind of not so sure for this. My friend happened to see my tri-shutter card when my senior upload the photo to her Facebook.

Thus my friend was hoping to give the same card to her friend as a wedding gift since she couldn't attended it. What made the thing a bit challenging, she only had a photo of her friend, the bridegroom. Yeah, the bridegroom alone. *grin*

It took me weeks looking at the photo when one sweet day, the idea popped out!

"Hey, hey, no more a bachelor!"

Haha. Brilliant! After amended the idea here and there, here's the final card look...

TSL0002 - He's No Longer A Bachelor!
Size is 38cm x 19cm
Tri fold shutter

Lots of loves,

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