Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Date With Me?

What a cute romantic date with the love one if get to ride together on a vespa!
I have this in my dream - go to any near beach on a vespa ride and then wait to watch the sunset... Auww, love!

My dad and brother own a vespa each, but I never had a ride on them. Tsk tsk... Hmm.. Perhaps someday I could learn how to ride and let myself drive it for a mini-me getaway to Teluk Batik. Yeah, dream on, Diya! Hihihi...

In the mean time, please enjoy the card. Hope everyone is going to have a happy Tuesday!

P/s: Pssstt.... Click-lah at the word "Vespa". Hihihi.. ♥

V0028 - A Date With Me?
14.5cm x 10.5cm
Horizontal folded

Lots of loves,

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