Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two Hearts Anniversary

Sue requested an anniversary card for her future husband. It was their second anniversary and the color theme - red, black and white were selected by the customer herself.

This is our the first anniversary card made in Diyadeary.

We used two flowers glued with heart beads in the middle on the card to show that two hearts are happily in love for the second anniversary. Besides that, the three steel brads located in the right were the sign of "I Love You".

Red and black are always been our favorite and this card no exceptional too! I love how the black embossed background paper and the lace ribbon gave effect to the card.

We hope her future husband loved the card we made. And for others, please sent us some loves if you like this card! 

V0010 - Two Hearts Anniversary
Size is 15cm x 21cm.
Vertical folded.

Lots of loves,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Double Lucks!

It has been more than three weeks from the last update! So sorry, people! The time flew so fast till we didn't realize it until today... Phew..

Anyway, here are another good luck cards made for cousins for their big examinations..

If you want card something like these or other design, please do not hesitate to email us at diyadeary[at]yahoo[dot]com or you can directly place your order here.. We are happy to cater all your requests! 

GL0003 - Pretty Good Luck
Size is 10.5cm x 15cm.
Vertical folded.

GL0004 - Bubbly Good Luck
Size is 14cm x 14cm.
Horizontal folded.

Lots of loves,

Friday, January 01, 2010

Wishing Him Good Luck!

Ohh..ohhh.. It's already new year! Dang~

We still have plenty of cards to be update. There are one, two, three, four, five.... errk... still got twenty plus plus cards ok! Duh~ We are sooooo much behind from the timeline. Sigh. We'll try to clear as much as we can during this long weekend.

By the way, another card was created! This time it was a good luck card made for a friend who was going to sit for his final examination.

While making the card, there is no particular design for it. So, we just went crazy placing the embellishments randomly which where we thought were okay! However, we find that we loved the final result. *grin*

GL0002 - Hey Good Luck
Size is 15cm x 21cm
Horizontal folded

Anyway, Happy New Year, everyone! Have a great year ahead. May all your wishes coming true. Take care!

Diyadeary Mohamad!

Lots of loves,

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