Thursday, June 16, 2011

The BIG Giveaway: Update #2

A little update on the BIG giveaway. Today remarks the 16th day of the giveaway.

So far I have 6 contestants. However, the BIG giveaway post has been tweeted thrice (twice by yours truly) and received 19 responses through Facebook likes. All the six contestants did the Facebook likes, so I wonder where are the rest 13 people who like? *grin*

I really want to have as much participants as possible for this giveaway. I can't trace any likes. Hence, I truly lies on your action for this. If you happened to be one among the 13 "missing" people, and eligible to participate this giveaway after all the terms and regulations, please leave your comment in the respective post by stating your Facebook ID to notify me! Oh, before that, make sure you already like Diyadeary Handmade Card on Facebook page! *smile*

Anyway, for those who haven't joined or first time to across with this giveaway, you are most welcome to join! Just click on any link in this post or the bottom banner, okay?

And, this is the update of lucky draw list as of at 4.00am on 16th June 2011.

vanderRui (1 point)
ct syuhada (2 point)
shinshin (2 points)
syu (1 points)
Solehah Muhammad (3 points)
Syazwana Arzami (1 points)

Lots of loves,

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