Sunday, March 15, 2009

Raimi's Orders!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates. We have been busy with something which is more important at the time being. Don't worry, We'll be back in action when everything is okay, ya?

By the way, we are here to blog about the cards order we received within last month. The cards were requested by Raimi. She's in the same university with diyadeary. :)

She requested 6 cards from us.. Thanks ya, Raimi!!

The first card she requested was a birthday card. She wanted something simple, smart and sweet. She told us, she would love the card to have either color blue metallic, maroon or marine blue and we choosed marine blue. She also asked us if we can made something base on nature. And luckily, we have a patterned paper based on birds and leaves.

And here is the birthday card..

 B0005 - Nature Birthday
Size is 10.5cm x 15cm
Horizontal folded

Raimi also wanted a Good Luck Card for her friend. The criteria was the same like the birthday card. We stamped Good Luck on the card, then we sketched 3 lines as guides for us to stitch from the Good Luck words toward the lucky stars! We think the card a little bit simple but still sweet and cute, huh?

GL0001 - Starry Good Luck
Size is 10.5cm x 15cm
Horizontal folded

These are the other 4 cards did Raimi requested. The cards - Flowery Thank You, Birdie Loves, It's All Loves and Swirls Love are re-make from our previous collections.

Code: M0001
Size: 10.5cm x 15cm

Okay, that the 6 cards ordered by Raimi. Raimi, hope you like and satisfied with the cards ya.. :)

Diyadeary Raimi!

Lots of loves,

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