Sunday, June 05, 2011

Just A Little Note

Dug my old folder and found an unpublished collection of mini card photos. Those cards were my first mini cards after Diyadeary Handmade Card was born. They were made somewhere in October 2009 for my sister. She wanted to give something to her friends before they were going to sit for their SPM. In total, I made 21 pieces mini cards with five varieties in colour.

I'm remembering my good old days staying at hostel. This type of card is like an everyday card. Hehe. You might think this is a bit lame since we lived together for 24 hours, 7 days and bumped into each other almost every hour, but we did sent a "Hello" type of card among us! Hehe. That's love you know. ♥

I really miss those times when everyone is making effort to create as many pretty mini cards as we can during test or exam seasons, or whenever the school holiday was going to start... They were hilarious moments!

By the way, I still keep all the cards and notes; unless fews pieces which went missing to  only God know where. Hee.. There are times when I feel like to reminisce my hostel's life, I would sit and browse them, one by one and let myself disappear in those memories. I'll be smiling ear to ear, having watery eyes but the heart feel so warm as the memory deeper in the heart. Bliss~

So now, should I share their cards here? Hehe. You tell me.

GE0002 - Just A Little Note
Size is7cm x 7cm
Mini card

Lots of loves,

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