Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teaser of the Giveaway

A little teaser of the BIG giveaway!

It's going to happen in June. Err, tomorrow is already June right? LOL.

Lots of card to be given away, rules and regulations applied but I promise they are simple and will not take much of your time.

Stay tuned.

Lots of loves,

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Little Note...

Dear lovely customer,
I'm ready to accept special order for July onwards. If you wish to book an order, simply fill in the order form.
Thank you.

Lots of loves,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pure Love

Woahhh, the school holiday has started. And traffic jam was everywhere yesterday. Not forget, wedding festive started too.

Well, I'm in Ipoh now. For good I guess. No more juggling between Batu Pahat, Shah Alam and Ipoh. And, InsyaAllah I'll be ready to open order for customize stuff next month, which only 3 days more to come. Eh wait... Almost forget. I will be probably have to spend some days in KL next month! Phew~ Anyway, just watch this space for my latest announcement on customize order, okay?

By the way, talking about pure love, I have a wedding invitation today. It was indirect invitation by Asrul. I'm just thinking of going or not. Luckily, I still have plenty of time to decide. The bride is my high school senior cum my one of buddy in UM. Get close to her because of Asrul. The truth is, I'm more excited to meet my degree classmates who are in Ipoh to attend the wedding plus to witness Asrul being the best man more than the wedding itself. Hehe..

Actually, the bride house is only 5 minutes drive away from my house. *grin* If I'm going, I will tag along my little sister with me. Haha. No way I'm going to a wedding, alone.

Till then, have a marvellous Saturday with your pure love!

Pure love is a willingness to give
without thought of receiving anything in return.

V0024 - Pure Love
14.5cm x 10.5cm
Vertical folded

Lots of loves,

Friday, May 27, 2011

Missing You Petals

This is one of card I like the most. I bet you can easily do your guess why!

Yup, one because it has red colour. The other reason is I used different way of using flower in this card. Instead of using the flower in its original state, I cut each petals and arranged it in a line as you can below. It gave a little difference to the whole card look. To finish the card, I just added the missing you chipboard as embellishment. Voila!

If you use the flower like the way I did for this card, let me know, share with me! Love to have a look.. Anyway, Happy Friday!

V0023 - Missing You Petals
20cm x 10.5cm
Vertical folded

Lots of loves,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sorry Syazana

This card was requested by Fakhrul. The details he wanted were sorry theme card with "Syazana" displayed on the front and any colour will do except for blue. Top of that, he wanted me to write some message inside which I did it using my hand writing.

Well, it was pretty easy for me to do this card since I have the freedom to play around and experimenting with colour combinations. Finally I ended up with white, mustard yellow, little bit of coral peach and several range of purple colour.

I'm so like the mustard yellow now. It's like the new black for me! Hehe... And what triggered me to use purple was because of "Syazana". Well, I think everyone do have some colours which will remind you to someone, don't you?

My previous room mate in UM, Shazana Hashim loves purple so much! Writing this, made me miss her so much. My mom always refer her as Nasha Aziz, the model. That was what she felt when the first time she met my dear Shazana.

"Which Shazana?"

Well, I have couple of friends name Shazana. So, my mom tends to confuse easily. Sometimes my mom even mixed up Shazana and Syazwana. Hahaha. Thus, she needs one mark to easily recognize which friend I talked about.
"My UM's room mate."
"The one like Nasha Aziz isn't it?"

Okay, enough about Shazana.

Fakhrul came back to me with a great news. Alhamdulillah. I'm so happy for him. I wish they will have a great journey together. InsyaAllah.

Now, please enjoy the card ladies and gentlemen!

S0003 - Sorry Syazana
Size is 21cm x 14.5cm
Horizontal folded

Lots of loves,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Features...

If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you might have noticed that I have added some new features. Here are they...

Like and Tweet Box
If you like any of my posts, and worth of sharing, you can ow easily like and share it to your friends and followers. I have installed Facebook like for post and Tweetmeme button for you to retweet. You can see the boxes just at the right end of every post.

Comment Form
I have installed Intense Debase commenting system recently. So you can leave your comment to each post using either Wordpress, Facebook or Twitter login. Much convenient isn't it? The best of all, I can straight away reply to your exact comment! Ha, we can have a little chit chat..

Then, there's CommentLuv application which a great way of sharing your latest post if your a blogger too. Last but least, you can add smiley along with your comment! So, pour in your comments and I would be so happy to reply...

Floating Message
I'll put important news and messages, include sharing information on giveway there; so that it'll grab your attention instantly once you are here. If the floating message annoys you, you can simply close it. *smile*

Contact Info
Due to lots of spam I received, I decided to use a slide box for contact information. Yes, it's the green button you see on right below. Just click on the button and it will slide out the information. I have also added the form link there for custom made card order.

I wish all these features will give you more ease while browsing this blog. If you have any inquiries or comments please let me know by leaving me a message through comment or email. Thank you so much for all your supports.

Have a great day. *smile*

Lots of loves,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Coral Graduate

Morning! Rinse and shine... It's a brand new week, guys!

I was't feeling very well yesterday. So, the weekend was all about resting and recovering. Thus no post has been up for the past two days.

By the way. graduation festive is in the air. It's the time again where students reap their hard work rewards! Well, at least to my brother.

He had his diploma graduation last Saturday. I felt so bad since I couldn't made it to his big day as he did to mine. Hmm.. I was sorry and told him that I will attend to his degree convocation no matter what happen. InsyaAllah. He'll pursue his degree within this year and should finished within four or maximum in ten years. Yes, it's gonna be a long wait but I hope I'll live that long! *smile*

So, the morning before the ceremony started, I texted him. Just to get him visualised I was there virtually for him. *smirk* I congratulated him and made a promise to cook him, his favourite spaghetti once I got the chance later. Hee...

Happy graduation to my brother and to you my dear! And the rest who graduated too!!

G0004 - Coral Graduate
Size is 20cm x 10.5cm
Vertical folded

Lots of loves,

Friday, May 20, 2011

Love U

Love me?
Love me not?

Love me?
Love me not?

Not sure? It's okay.

But I'm 150% sure that I Love U! ♥

You can opt this card to let your mom, dad or maybe close friend know that you love and appreciate them! *smile*

Happy weekend!

V0022 - Love U
14.5cm x 10.5cm
Horizontal folded

Lots of loves,

Pretty Love You

My friends and sister complained that I made too much of red theme cards. Haha. Yes, I admit that. I love red. So much. If you could see my pattern and stock papers, there are lots of red compared to other colors. Okay, okay, it's not only paper but ribbon and stamping ink as well. Hee.. I can't help to purchase more red craft stuffs even I know I had enough of them. LOL!

I love it when I get to do craft shopping with my sister, be it online or went to the craft shop because I had someone to 'scold' me - no more red please! Haha.

So, I went out of my comfort colour zone for this card. I used fresh blue and yellow combination for a love theme card. It's not that bad without red colour isn't it?

Hope you like the card, and at the card is still available for you to grab. Just head your way to my card store! Thanks!

V0021 - Pretty Love You
14.5cm x 10.5cm
Horizontal folded

Lots of loves,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Be Mine Xoxo

Another card option for proposing beside Be My Love...

V0020 - Be Mine Xoxo
14.5cm x 10.5cm
Vertical folded

Lots of loves,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Be My Love

You want to propose but too shy?

You are a better writer than a speaker?

You wish to give her something to propose yet not sure what?

Well, this "Be My Love" card might be your savour to any of the three above!

V0019 - Be My Love
14.5cm x 10.5cm
Vertical folded

Lots of loves,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sweet Teacher

My friend told me that our Form 1 class teacher was on aired for Wanita Hari Ini yesterday. Since I was not able to watch the live show, I choose to catch the repeat show at 4.30am last night. Yeah, crazy me. Luckily today is a public holiday.

I know I can watch it on TonTon. But this is me, I'm much patient to wait and watch it on television rather than waiting the online video to load forever. Haha. Plus it feel much more convenience than watching on your laptop screen!

I was smile from ear to ear when the moment I saw her - teacher Hazlin Hashim! It has been 11 years since she followed her husband who is a police officer moved to Penang. Despite the times, she's still the same - the sweetness, lovely, humble but prettier of course! I still remember those times, me and girl mates waited anxiously for her to come over class! *smile*

She's now a discipline teacher in SM Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Ahh, the students are just lucky!
Well.. Teacher Hazlin... If there's one lucky day you come across to this post, I'm Diya.. Remember me? You appointed me as the class head after Hafizi left for boarding school, even though I was a new student. It was an honor to me.

I'm happy that I get to see you again last night... I'm glad to finally know where you are. *smile*

Happy Teacher's Day, teachers! ♥

TD0002 - Sweet Teacher
Size is 14.8cm x 10.5cm
Horizontal folded

Lots of loves,

Monday, May 16, 2011

Glamour on Teacher's Day

My cousin gave me a call months ago to order a card for his Chemistry teacher, Cikgu Yuliana.

As I remembered, during my high school time, it's hard to see a boy student especially those in Form 5 to give any cards to their teacher. I guess Cikgu Yuliana is so nice and yet great at teaching and entertaining the students, so I bet my cousin couldn't resist of not giving her anything. Hehe. I'm proud of my cousin!

Well, appreciate while you have time, right?

Happy Teacher's day to all the educators - teachers, lecturers, tutors and etcetera. You help light the path to us lead our life. Thank you so much and enjoy your day.

And to Cikgu Yuliana, enjoy your card!

TD0001 - Glamour on Teacher's Day
Size is 20cm x 10.5cm
Horizontal folded

Lots of loves,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

After A While...


It's Sunday and the weather is extremely hot. Phew. I rather stay inside the house than burning myself. So here I am, updating my little treasure. *smile*

Well, first of all, I need to clear the air. I'm not quitting. No. It's for sure. I'm so sorry for making such statement in the previous post. Like the label of the post, it's miscellaneous - just my random thought. You know, sometimes the brain might works in a weird way.. Hehe..

Diyadeary was born due to the pureness of love and it's something I wish to keep for the rest of my life. It will remains as long as the situation permits. InsyaAllah. Let's hoping for the best okay? *grin*

I have took a long break due to couple of privacy things and now I feel a little rejuvenated. I'm ready to get back to you, unfortunately it's only for my ready made cards things and to entertain your enquiries. I'm terribly sorry for not able to take your custom made order just yet. I hope it won't took me so long to open for special order. But I love receiving emails, so you still can email me to ask and I'll try to response back quickly.

Honestly, I can't wait to be back 100%! Heee.. In the mean time, I'll be updating this space from time to time.

Have a nice day!

P/s: Psssstt... A little giveaway will come your way! *smile*

Lots of loves,

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