Monday, January 16, 2017

Hello 2017...

Well.. well.. well.. look who's here! It has been ages, but finally, we are updating something.

Firstly, we would like wish everyone a Happy New Year! Despite half month of January is already gone, it's not too late right? Hee...

The year of 2016 was bittersweet. It was rough yet exciting. The price increase of everything and slow economy definitely sway the business. But on the great part, we received couple of orders and collaboration offers from big name parties. Alhamdulillah... We really grateful for all the opportunities!

InsyaAllah, it's about to get better in 2017. 

We are so thrilled to start 2017 with you and are looking forward to serve your orders. We also have few things brewing in our hands, hopefully we get to tell you soon! Pray that everything will go smoothly and easily.

Since we don't know when will be the next blog post, please bear with us! In the meantime, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We definitely update them more frequently than this blog. 

Last but not least, here's to an amazing new year, InsyaAllah! May Allah SWT bless us with lots of love, light and guidance.

Till then...

Lots of loves,

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Brooches Crazy Deal

It has been a long time we did not do any crazy deal. So this is for you, 100 for 100.

The normal price for 100 pieces of these brooches is RM180. This offer is only for a limited time, from 21 April 2016 until 29 April 2016. 

For more information, please email or PM us on
Hurry, grab the offer now, (just fill in the Order Form) before its gone forever... 

Lots of loves,

Monday, April 18, 2016

Dilla Love's Union Guestbook

It has been awhile we do updating on our works. We still have works from 2014 (and accumulated almost 10000 photos) to be shared . We will try to update this blog regularly from now... 

Please wish us luck and happy Monday!

GB0011 - Dilla Love's Union Guestbook
50 pages on 50 sheets 
A4 size guestbook

Lots of loves,

Monday, February 01, 2016

We Are Seven!

It's another milestone today... Alhamdulillah..

Time does fly when you are having fun with your job. And the fact it's fun, it doesn't feel like working at all. Well, we have planned couple of new projects for this year. We are so excited and can't wait to reveal each of them later. May Allah ease everything...

And last but not least, thank you so much to everyone that has been with us along the seven remarkable years. Please keep on pouring your love and support for Diyadeary. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much...

May Allah bless us all.  

Lots of loves,

Friday, January 01, 2016

2016 Early Birds Promotion

Happy New Year everyone!
It's little something to help you having your dream wedding or event in 2016.

We are in the middle of revising prices for certain products due to the price hikes from our material supplier. However, we try to minimize the increasing by sourcing another supplier, and keep the price affordable for you.

Hence, to those who is in tight budget or just love for good deals, we have this early bird promotion for all of our products with the lowest (discounted) prices we could offer for 2016. Please check our Terms and Condition too at the bottom of this post.

We only listed prices for selected (favourite) products. If you want different quantity for selected products, products that are not listed here, or any other inquiries, please contact us via EMAIL or FACEBOOK. And to place your order, please fill in the ORDER FORM.

  • A1 Frame Props (Facebook & Instagram)
    • 1 frame - RM88
    • 2 frames - RM165
  • A1 Frame Printables (DIY)
    • 1 printable - RM25 (US $8)
  • Brooches (25 pieces) - (other quantities also available, please contact us.)
  • Hantaran (Deco only)
    • 12 trays (5 groom's + 7 bride's) - RM100
    • 16 trays (7 groom's + 9 bride's) - RM130

    Terms and Conditions.
    1. Promotion period runs through January 2016.
    2. Valid for event in 2016.
    3. Not applicable for urgent or rush order ( 2 weeks prior to event).
    4. We accept credit card payment via Paypal with additional fee for order above RM100.
    5. Items are made-to-order and done according to the event date.
    6. Price is excludes postage and handling fee.
    7. Free postage not available for the promotion items.
    8. Full payment must be paid within promotion period.
    9. Non refundable for any cancellation.

    Enjoy being the early birds and save a lot!! 
    Thank you...

    Lots of loves,

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