Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Signage & Easel

This was a signage or welcome board ordered by a close friend for her wedding last year. Haha yeah, too long kepam before posting it here.

Anyway, the color theme for the board, was yellow and a little bit of pink. However since there were too much of yellow for the wedding element, we put extra pink element for board, for a contrast. Okay, not true. We were actually run out of gold metallic paper. Sigh. But it was still nice, no?

The board used was actually a noticeboard, painted with white paint and covered with a nice handmade lace paper (or maybe it was actually wrapper). We were so in love with the paper, and felt so sayang to use it. LOL.

We just decorated the board with lots of flowers and fake diamonds. Well, do you notice the bulky roses on the board? It was made from scratch, and love how the result turned in the end - pretty blooming roses.

Apart from the board, we also provided the easel which used to place the board at the entrance arch. Yup, the easel is available for rent request. Details on the easel renting will be shared later.. Okay? *smile*

The board is not only use as a welcome board or wedding signage alone. After the wedding, you can have it as decoration at your home, Just hang it on the wall and you are done. Simple decoration but the most lovely is the wedding memory intact in your home surroundings.

If you are interested to have your own welcome board or signage, kindly contact us via the contact form, private message at our Facebook page or simply drop us an email at diyadeary[at]yahoo[dot]com

So that's all for now. See you later!

SB0003 - The Signage & Easel
Size is 58cm x 39cm
Single Signboard

Lots of loves,

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