Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Black Diamond & Gold Guestbook

I always get a little extra excited when it comes to making guestbook. Of course, without exception for this  book too! Especially when it was made for one of yours truly's close friend. *smile*

She request a simple look with a touch of luxurious look. So... Black was chosen as the background. Simple reason - refrained the guestbook from dirtiness. Plus, black is always in style, right? The lace and diamond were handpicked by the bride herself. 

Again, for this guestbook, I made the blooming roses again. Their first appearance was on this post. I just love making them, it's so addictive! I guess you'll be seeing them frequently starting now. Hehe..  

Unfortunately, I forgot to snap the inside part - welcome page and the couple's name design which was printed on each page. Maybe if I have time later, I'll print the layout from the adobe file, and share the photos here. Well, maybe okay?

Last but not least, please do contact Diyadeary if you wish to order your personalized guestbook, for any event or any enquiring... Thank you!

GB0006 - Black Diamond & Gold Guestbook
50 pages on 50 sheets
A4 size guestbook

Lots of loves,

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