Monday, February 27, 2012

Wonderful Times

I do believe everything happened has a reason behind it. Yes,I'm writing this because there's a reason too; at least. I believe why God made a customer order this card from me. So that I could finally wrote this up. And now I know why I've been procrastinating to do a new post without reason since last Wednesday. Just the heart told so, "tak payah update blog-lah Diya". 

Hmm.. Basically, there's no way of no reason in anything. Like the reason why we are created - to be the true Servants Of Allah s.w.t.

This card, this post is meant for now. After yesterday.

Unfortunately, there are some people whom we do cherish through our whole life won't be there someday. Either their pass away or walk away from us. Surely everyone tried their very best to keep them close but when it's fated that way, we just had to let go. For good of course.

It's hard to say this.. It took me about a year and a month to finally realized that I've lost someone. Someone I thought who knew me better than anyone else. Someone who is a close friend. *chest pain* We did stupid things, we talked about nonsense, we shared the same interest towards things, we reminisced the good old days together. That were  all left as memories now. 

Sincerely, I'm not blaming you even a thing. Everything has reason. My mistakes. Plus probably it was fragile from the beginning. I didn't know. I never thought this would came between us. Hurmm.. Perhaps, if we still close, you won't be happy like now.. 

So, today... 

I'm going to say my farewell to this friendship. It's great to finally found the answer after a long time. I hope you won't be in any of my slumber dreams anymore. Hmm.. Thank you for being so kind all this while, be the one who I could turn to when I was sad and down till a year ago, the one who could listen to my crappy talks. 

Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you for the wonderful times.

Sorry for everything else too.

Take care.

P/s: This also meant for everyone who had walkaway from me.. It's okay. For better life isn't it? *smile* Deeply thank you for everything, thank you for all the bittersweet memories. I truly miss each of you.

TY0019 - Wonderful Times
Size is 21cm x 10.5cm
Horizontal folded

Lots of loves,

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