Wednesday, February 29, 2012

365 Love Notes


Today is extra special indeed, because 29th February is finally here! My uncle finally get to celebrate his birthday again, after 4 years waiting. Teheee.. He turned 60 today!

Anyway, back to main point.. Well, I don't really celebrate V-day. But I do respect to those who celebrate it. No offence. I just believe love should be cherish and expressed everyday, every moment we have, the whole of our life. Plus, the price of flowers, gift and dinner which go over the roof for V-day, those don't fancy me. Hence, if you do notice, I never really make any card specially to promote for V-day...

So, for those who are extra romantic - like to celebrate love everyday; probably you can do this too.. 365 love notes! You may write "Reasons Why I Love You" or to note your love's moments or perhaps just simple sharing on the inspiring love Quotes would do... There are hundreds of way to do, it's all up to you! ♥

There are varies of way to do, handwritten or computer printed then use sticky note as medium or maybe a small paper, rolled it and put it in a jar or bottle.. But I choose to do it in tag theme. There will be 365 love note tags which can be use back as bookmarks! 365 pieces of bookmarks. Haha. You'll never have to buy bookmarks any more.. LOL.

Anyway, even it see so simple as it is, I took 11 months to complete this set. Heee.. From finding the best quotes, decide the shape and design, to write all the message, to tie up the ribbons and such takes time. The major time consuming was to find the quotes whichever applicable to yourself.

For those who wanted to do this, I wish you all the best! *smile* Enough of talks, enjoy. *smile*

P/s: Happy birthday to 29th February's babies! Please have a quadruple celebrations!

365 Love Notes
4.5cm x 9cm

Lots of loves,

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