Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Features...

If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you might have noticed that I have added some new features. Here are they...

Like and Tweet Box
If you like any of my posts, and worth of sharing, you can ow easily like and share it to your friends and followers. I have installed Facebook like for post and Tweetmeme button for you to retweet. You can see the boxes just at the right end of every post.

Comment Form
I have installed Intense Debase commenting system recently. So you can leave your comment to each post using either Wordpress, Facebook or Twitter login. Much convenient isn't it? The best of all, I can straight away reply to your exact comment! Ha, we can have a little chit chat..

Then, there's CommentLuv application which a great way of sharing your latest post if your a blogger too. Last but least, you can add smiley along with your comment! So, pour in your comments and I would be so happy to reply...

Floating Message
I'll put important news and messages, include sharing information on giveway there; so that it'll grab your attention instantly once you are here. If the floating message annoys you, you can simply close it. *smile*

Contact Info
Due to lots of spam I received, I decided to use a slide box for contact information. Yes, it's the green button you see on right below. Just click on the button and it will slide out the information. I have also added the form link there for custom made card order.

I wish all these features will give you more ease while browsing this blog. If you have any inquiries or comments please let me know by leaving me a message through comment or email. Thank you so much for all your supports.

Have a great day. *smile*

Lots of loves,

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