Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Birdy Engagement Invitation Tag

Sorry for the long hiatus in this space.

I was not in the mood to do any update as my WD My Passport Essential went haywired. Diyadeary's stuffs are all inside it. There are couples of new creations hadn't been published yet, especially those from March's orders. Sigh. I still hope it still can be recover. InsyaAllah

Anyway, this order was from my childhood best friend. I love her idea - an invitation tag which can be use as a bookmark later. And, all she wanted for her tag were pink theme and bird. Yes, a bird.

"The masterpiece is the bird. I was thinking to put a Twitter bird but than again it's got nothing to do with me. Then jumpala burung ni. Cute miut la jugak and I want it to be on it." - Aja
It was cute. Haha. Instead of using the bird she provided, I use the bird clear stamp which I have. And. she loves it. Yay!

E0002 - Birdy Engagement Invitation Tag
Size is 14cm x 7cm

Lots of loves,

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