Friday, June 18, 2010

Teacher's Day Cards

My niece, Meena called me on a late Friday evening last month.
Her: Cik Sinar, are you busy right now?
Me: Not really. Why?
Her: Cool. Can you make me five cards for Teacher's Day?
Me: No problem. When is the celebration?
Her: Monday.
Me: *Glup*

Me: Ask Eca (little sister), whether she wants Teacher's day cards too?
Her: Okay, I'll let you ask her personally.

The phone was handed over to Eca...

Me: Eca, you want Teacher's day card like Kak Meena?
Eca: I want.
Me: How many?
Eca: Wait. I have to count first.
Me: Okay.

After couple of seconds...

Eca: I want six. Six only.
Me: *Gulp*
So, all together I have eleven cards to make within two days before the cards need to be flown to Ampang, Selangor. Phew~

I don't like to work within short notice. But for the sake of my beautiful nieces, I hate to let them down, I forced my brain to think. I made very simple thank you and appreciation cards for the teachers. Yes. Thank you and appreciation. I mean, that's what Teacher's day all about right?

I wish I have extra time so that I could do better cards for them! Sigh. So, these are the not-so-happy rushing cards... *sorry teachers*

 TY0002 - Thanks So Much Sweet
Size is 10.5cm x 15cm
Horizontal folded

TY0003 - Thank You Diamond
Size is 10.5cm x 15cm
Vertical folded

TY0004 - The Hot Appreciation
Size is 10.5cm x 15cm
Horizontal folded

I think this post is too long already. I guess it's better for me to share the rest in the next posts okay? Anyway, have a great weekend!

Lots of loves,

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