Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Azie's Sweet Love & Love Cake Cards

Azie, Diyadeary's ex-schooolmate ordered two cards. One was for her boyfriend, conjunction with Valentine day, and the other one was for her mom's birthday on this coming 22nd February.

As for the Valentine's card, Azie wanted something simple yet nice. She choosed pink and white as the main color for the card. She also requested to put "Hesitate no more.. I'm Yours.." inside the card.

And here, the Valentine card for Mr. BF.. Isn't it sweet?

V0007 - Sweet Love
Size is 10.5cm x 15cm
Horizontal folded

For her dear mother, Azie wish to have a birthday card which can express her feeling towards her - how much she loves her and grateful of having a wonderful mom. And adding to detail, Azie's mom loves red! :)

So, after some rough ideas, we planned to create a birthday card with big cake on the cover!

B0001 - Love Cake
Size is 11.5cm x 21cm
Vertical folded

The 3 layers of cakes represent the 3 stages of Azie's life, when she was a baby, a teenager, and now as an adult. The diamonds on each layer symbolise how much Azie's mom's love lights up Azie's life! At the top of the cake, we place a heart, which is a symbol of Azie's love for her mom.

Azie, thanks for ordered from us, and thank you so much for the trust you put in us. We hope you'll like the cards we did for you, dear.. :)

Diyadeary Azie!

Lots of loves,

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