Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Golden Photobooth Wall

Remember an overdue post? And it's only up today, a month later.... LOL

Our first attempt was an impromptu guestbook corner for a friend wedding. Since then, we had the urge to provide such service... This time, it was photobooth and guestbook corner...

An A3 size photobooth signage by us.

We had our hand on the wooden wall two days before the event in messy and unfinished condition. So within the short interval, we painted the frame and decided to cover it with wallpaper. But, after some consideration on budget and no time to search for wallpaper shop, we choose thick fabric (the one that people use to make curtain) instead. Then, on the event day, we managed to do some simple decoration to it as we were occupied with other duties on the day itself. 

Oh, forgot to mention, we were the host. 

This is the first part. We will continue share the rest in another posts. Meanwhile, some items in the photos are available to be rented... Feel free to check them at Sewa - Sewa by Diyadeary...

Stay tune!

Lots of loves,

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