Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Craft & Flea Market, De Garden Report

Two weeks ago, Diyadeary have joined a bazaar called Craft & Flea Market at De Garden, Ipoh. The crowd wasn't well, might due to its location - non shopping complex. But we did enjoy catching up with friends. 

Anyway, the flea market was covered by New Straits Time's reporter. You may view the online version, here while the New Strait Times newspaper cuttings, here.  You can spot a glimpse of Diyadeary's signage in one of the photos from the online newspaper portal.. Hehe

If you read the article, yup, it's Diyadeary. We were interviewed or it was more likely a small chat with the reporter. Unfortunately.... The diary mentioned wasn't diary. It was actually guestbook what we talked about. Haha.

Well, we guess, that was going to the first and the last bazaar for us in 2013. Diyadeary is rebranding and expanding, to some that non-card thingy. It won't be easy, so we would love to focus more on that. Wish us luck people.. *smile*


Lots of loves,

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