Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Raikan Cinta

There are so many pending new cards to be published. I'm no longer following the date sequence. Buat mana dan je. Heh.


Some card's photos are stuck in my Passport hard disk. I haven't had the time to go to any tech shop to check whether those photos can be recovered or not.

Then I already transferred few photos on the netbook, to be edited. Well, right after that, the netbook's power plug acted on me. Waaa... Need a lot of patient to try to on it. I'm still trying up to now. Wish me luck!

And... The latest one, my camera's on button haywire - cannot on. Adeh. So I had to use my dad's handy cam to capture the photos of new products. Unfortunately I have to wait for my sister to transfer it. Sigh. So many troubles.

Well, layan ni dulu.. 

  W0014 - Raikan Cinta
Size is 14.8cm x 10.5cm
Vertical folded

Lots of loves,

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