Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thank You Black Gold Tag


It's a sad happy story regards my laptop. The technician said, it's not worth it to fix the laptop since the problem will probably occurred again anytime soon. It could be within months or even days! It was so sad.  I hold back my tears in front of him. *sigh*

So my hands are off from the laptop. Let it rest in peace. However, I managed to recovered the data as the RAM is not affected at all. So, yay! Hailed to the RAM!

As promise, a new post on card is up! Alhamdulillah.. The so long pending post! It was thank you tags for Fariza's wedding. Color themes were black, brown and gold. There are 1500 tags in total. My open scallop edger punch broke in the midst punched the few extra pieces of the tag. LOL. Nice eh. Tau-tau je.

MT0001 - Thank You Black Gold Tag
Size is 5.7cm x 4.8cm
Mini Tag

Lots of loves,

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