Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Whimsical Wishes...

It's 4-ish in the morning while I'm typing this. I couldn't sleep. I'm tired, the body is weak and of course the mind affected too; blurred and blanked. I want to sleep badly. But the eyes (or the body systems) are against me. *sad*

It's 7th December today. *cries*

I guess it  has something to do with it why I couldn't sleep tonight.

Three years ago, something terrible had happened, and it obviously had affected me mentally and emotionally since then. It still haunted me, every second of my life. How I wish I could delete and erase the memory for good. Is there any cleaner like cloroc to wash and clear the bad memory in the brain? *sigh*

I think the inner me just afraid to sleep, or maybe it has sensed something (probably bad thing) will happen today. Hence, it didn't let me to sleep nut wants me to prepare myself to face any possible bad thing might happen today.. *long face* Ya Allah, jauhkan lah..

It's 5 am already. I'm going to take bath now. Hopefully I'll manage to take a nap later. The sleepless night could bring the worst in me - easily cranky and grumpy; even to small thing. So better not. 

By then, the very best whimsical wishes to me; myself and of course to you too especially those who had become the owls too tonight, to survive latter! May Allah ease the burdens, simplify all our errands today, and turn it to a marvellous day despite had a restless night.. InsyaAllah.. *smile & yawn*

BW0001 - Whimsical Wishes
Size is 20cm x 10.5cm
Vertical folded

Lots of loves,

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