Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Engagement

Someone was engaged last Saturday! Yippieee... Many congrats to her! ♥

That someone is my bff. She ordered 20 engagement cards to give to her close friends and she insisted me to have one of the invitation cards. Haha. I felt it was a bit awkward since I was the card maker. *grin*

My bff is among the first to know on what I have been up to. One day, I told her that I'm in the middle of making satin flower for my card raya collections. The last thing I did know, she urged to have them in her engagement card! Hehe...

"Aku sangat suka la bunga tu!"
"Nak gak bunga tu kan!"

So, she got it! *smile*

E0001 - Little Engagement
Size is 21cm x 9cm
Like a postcard

Lots of loves,

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