Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sweet Purple Birthday

I have scheduled a new post in three days in a row until today's date... Phew. I'm afraid I didn't have the time later so since I'm free now I create new post as much as I can to be published later. Thank God for this scheduled post function. Tehee.. It saves me a lot since there are still a lot of cards haven't been published yet! Gosh.

Some of my customers might notice this since some of their cards haven't been up yet even they have ordered them long time ago. I'm so sorry dear...

I think I need an assistant in keeping this blog update in real time. Hehe.. Crafting is my passion but not writing. So sometimes, it took me a lot of time just to write a post.

Okay, let's stop the crap, so here's another birthday card I made long time ago.. Heee....

B0021 - Sweet Purple Birthday
Size is 20cm x 10.5cm
Vertical folded

Lots of loves,

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