Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh, It's Birthday Boy and Mickey!

We received two cards request from an old friend. Both were birthday cards but different theme. She requested one to be based on black and blue, colours which commonly being used for men while the one based on the Disney character, Mickey Mouse!

Since the first card was for a boy, we made just a simple one. Some punched black stars on the image, and a ribbon tied on it. Plus we added a sign of Birthday Boy too. Just ordinary black and blue...

B0018 - It's Birtday Boy!
Size is 14.5cm x 10.5cm.
Horizontal folded.

This was our first attempted to come out with character card. Forgive us for the colour tone thus made it kind-of-like dull card. We have no choice since, Mickey Mouse should have white and black colours except for the tongue! Right?

By the way, the making of Mickey Mouse's face was complex. We had to be very carefully while cutting the eye and the mouth. However, we enjoyed through out the process to complete it! Hee.. This card brought the memories when we have to do collage for art subject. *grin*

B0019 - Mickey Oh Card
Size is 14cm x 14cm
Horizontal folded.

Lots of loves,

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