Sunday, December 06, 2009

Deepest Apologize

We have been 2 weeks behind of our earlier plan to update all the cards. Sigh. SORRY for that late updating this blog. And yesterday we realized that we had almost 30 cards to be post! Wow! It's already December and there's plenty time left. We hope we can clear all the pending posts before the new year.

We know Aidilfitri has over two months ago, but we still wanted to share our card which made for the celebration.

This was repeating order from Dzul. He selected blue and bamboo green as the color themes. He also wanted to show his deepest apologize for Aidilfitri through this card. Hence, we highlighted the word "maaf" which mean sorry in Malay.

AF0011 - Deepest Apologize Aidilfitri
Size is 15cm x 21cm
Horizontal folded

We hope Dzul and the recipient were happy with the card outcome. And Dzul, thank you for keeping the trust on us!!

Diyadeary Dzul!

Lots of loves,

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