Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Raina Lana

*drum rolls*

Ladies and  gentlemen, 

Please welcome....... 
The new family member of Diyadeary... 

Alhamdulillah. It's finally up.

We are venturing into new business, something not related to craft, but women's apparel including hijab and accessories. This is so exciting to us, and hopefully you too.. Raina Lana is taking baby steps. We do hope you can support Raina Lana as much as you support Diyadeary for the past 4 years... InsyaAllah...

Well, for the beginning, you could start with visiting the website... 

Hopefully there's something on the page that catches your eye..

Or else, you could "Like" Raina Lana's page on Facebook, www.facebook.com/dear.RainaLana and spread this news to everyone else...

We sincerely appreciate your loves and support for Raina Lana! Jazakumullahu khairan kathira..

Thank you so much... And have a great day... *smile*

Lots of loves,

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