Saturday, November 14, 2009


Holla everyone!

We have good news to share!! The big sister's examination will be over in few days so we will be back on business starting this 20th November! Woohoo...

You can start send in your special orders today by browsing our special request menu and we will entertain them starting on the respective date!

And besides that, we'll try to do rainy posts since we are so lack behind from our current order. So please come back for the latest update. Thank you.

Till now, have a wonderful weekend..

Lots of loves,

Monday, October 26, 2009

Time For A Break

The lastest update.

Due to some personal problems, we are afraid to announce that we are going to close the business for some time until further notice.

Please NEGLECT the no special request post.
Thank you for all the supports. They meant so much to us.

We are so sorry for sudden close but this is the best for us now, and for you too. Hope to be back as soon as possible.

Lots of loves,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Announcement - No Special Request For November

Hi friends, how's your days lately? We are doing great here. Hopefully yours too.

First of all, we would like to thank each of you who has been our fans in Facebook. Until to this second, we already have 106 fans! Awesome! So wait no more, for those who haven't be, just click on the fan widget on the sidebar okay? We would love to have more fans as friends!

We also would like to thank customers who keep on putting their trust with us to create the greeting cards. We hope everyone was happy with the cards and we definitely looking forward to receive your orders in future.

We also have an announcement to make. So, here it goes...

Due to our final examinations are just around the corner, we wouldn't be available to entertain any special request order for November.. Yeah, we both are still students! *grin* The big Diya is struggling for her final year degree while the other Diya will be sitting for her SPM. Study comes first after all. Sorry~

So, we would be appreciated if you don't send in your card request which you need it by November. This is because, we hate to say NO to orders and turn anyone down. However, for those who have sent in the orders for November before, thank you so much. We accept your orders and we will inform you as soon as possible once the cards are ready.

On the other, we would like to welcome special request order for December! Yes, you can send in your orders starting now. Don't wait till the last minute cause we only accept limited quantity of order at one time.

We will be update from time to time. We even haven't publish all the cards made for Aidilfitri. So, make sure to come back again later to see them!

Anyway, thats all for now. Sorry for the inconvenience cause due to special request is not available in November. Any inquiry, do drop us an email or just left anything you want to ask in our shoutbox. We will come to you shortly.

Thank you so much. Have a nice day!

P/s: Wish us good luck!

Lots of loves,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya!!

We would like to wish our dearest Muslim customers, and of course everyone too...

maaf zahir batin

Thank you for purchasing cards with us!

We are hoping that everyone will be having great time with family and relatives wherever you are.

Celebrate the raya with lots of loves.

Drive safe and have a pleasant journey.
Happy long holiday!

Lots of loves,

Saturday, September 05, 2009

We Are Back!!

We are so sorry for the sudden business close last time. There are personal reasons and times are so rough for us for the last few months.

However, we are back in business now! Yippie! We promise to do better and stronger in this business.

Thank you so much for those who keep waiting for us to be back!!

And, we also have another good news to tell.

First of all, we have done a little changing to the layout. Something purple, sweet! Do you love it? We had added menu below the header and another column for sidebar. We hope the new layout will be more convinience for your to browse Diyadeary Handmade Card.

Oh, Yes! We are now known as Diyadeary Handmade Card!!

Second - we have purchase our own domain instead of using blogspot address! We are now can be access at!

For those who have linked us, thank you so much. And we would be glad and appreciate if you could change the old address, to

Last but not least, we have working so hard to create a cart shop for Diyadeary Handmade Card! The cart shop can be visit at this address - Don't forget to visit, okay!

Ahha, so many at one time? LOL!

Okay people, enough for now.. Happy staying in our very new blog! Have a good day everyone!!

Lots of loves,

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Roslina's Double Cards!

We received an order from Riyadh! Yehaa..

Actually, it was ordered by our cousin who lives there. :P She wanted a black and white card for her husband's birthday this March. She left 100% on us for the card's design.

At first, we came out with this, white black birthday card, comes with a big red flower on it..

B0003 - Big Red Birthday
Size is 15cm x 21cm
Horizontal folded

But then, we afraid it couldn't get Kak Lin's attention so we created another card for her.. At least, she had another choices if she dislikes it..

The second card, we used thick board as the base and wrap it with wrapper instead using card stock. IWe wanted to make it look exclusive. For the inside part, we just decorate it with simple emblishment and papers. Owh, not forgot, a stamp of Happy Birthday too! :)

B0004 - Silvery Black Birthday
Size is 15cm x 15cm
2 pieces card secure with ribbon.

In the end, when we met Kak Lin last week during her 2 weeks holiday in Malaysia, she fell in love with both cards and straight away chop them! LOL!

Kak Lin, thank you so much for your order. Hope the cards will make your Mr. Hubby won't stop smiling on his birthday! Love you, sis! ;)

Diyadeary Roslina!

Lots of loves,

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Asrul's Red Cream Birthday

Asrul requested a simple birthday card for his friend, Ayeen. He wanted the card to be in cream and red color, no emblishment except tied a ribbon and a birthday stamped on both cover and inside..

We took less than 30 minutes to complete it.. :)

B0002 - Red Cream Birthday
Size is 15cm x 21cm
Horizontal folded

Thanks Asrul for being among the first to order from us.. :)

Diyadeary Asrul!

Lots of loves,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Azie's Sweet Love & Love Cake Cards

Azie, Diyadeary's ex-schooolmate ordered two cards. One was for her boyfriend, conjunction with Valentine day, and the other one was for her mom's birthday on this coming 22nd February.

As for the Valentine's card, Azie wanted something simple yet nice. She choosed pink and white as the main color for the card. She also requested to put "Hesitate no more.. I'm Yours.." inside the card.

And here, the Valentine card for Mr. BF.. Isn't it sweet?

V0007 - Sweet Love
Size is 10.5cm x 15cm
Horizontal folded

For her dear mother, Azie wish to have a birthday card which can express her feeling towards her - how much she loves her and grateful of having a wonderful mom. And adding to detail, Azie's mom loves red! :)

So, after some rough ideas, we planned to create a birthday card with big cake on the cover!

B0001 - Love Cake
Size is 11.5cm x 21cm
Vertical folded

The 3 layers of cakes represent the 3 stages of Azie's life, when she was a baby, a teenager, and now as an adult. The diamonds on each layer symbolise how much Azie's mom's love lights up Azie's life! At the top of the cake, we place a heart, which is a symbol of Azie's love for her mom.

Azie, thanks for ordered from us, and thank you so much for the trust you put in us. We hope you'll like the cards we did for you, dear.. :)

Diyadeary Azie!

Lots of loves,

Friday, February 13, 2009

Aainaa's It's All LOVEs!

Diyadeary's best buddy, Aainaa, loved so much the It's All LOVEs! card. Since it was sold, she requested me to re-make that card for her, but with brighter colors.

V0006 - It's All Loves II
Size is 10.5cm x 15cm
Horizontal folded.

For her card, we choosed bright, darker color of red and orange for the heart. And the inner part of the card, we put a bright red paper. Overall were the same like the It's All LOVEs!. Just the love shapes and brads are randomly placed on the front cover. Owh, inside, we stamped "I Love You" on it..

We were glad that Aainaa loved it so much! Thanks Aainaa for the order.. ;)

Diyadeary Aainaa!

Lots of loves,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birdie Loves

V0005 - Birdie Loves
Size is 10.5cm x 15cm.
Vertical folded

Lots of loves,

Flowery Thank You

TY0001 - Flowery Thank You
Size is 10.5cm x 11.5cm
Vertical folded

Lots of loves,

Red Golden Loves

V0004 - Red Golden Loves
Size is 10.5cm x 15cm
Vertical folded.

Lots of loves,

Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's All LOVEs!

V0003 - It's All Loves
Size is 10.5cm x 15cm.
Horizontal folded.

We punched heart shape in variations of colors. Some of the hearts were pasted using foam double sided glue and the rest is using glue. We also added some cream heart brads. We tied a ribbon on the bottomof the card and stamped "my heart" of the right bottom part.

Erm.. Doesn't matter what is the color of your heart, because it's all LOVEs! Cherish~

Lots of loves,

Swirls Love

V0002 - Swirls Love
Size is 10.5cm x 15cm
Vertical folded

This card was special. When we were doing it, we had no idea to decorate the card. Thought of draw swirls, but we're not good at it. So, we asked Kak Emila on tip how to draw swirls.. And then, we try to draw the swirls using pencil before trace back using black ink pen.

Thanks Kak Emi for helping us completing this card! :)

Lots of loves,

Words Of Love

V0001 - Words of Love
Size is 14cm x 12.5cm
Horizontal folded.

Lots of loves,

Thursday, January 01, 2009

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